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by the way...I have been following this thread very closely and started dosing my Frag tank with the "c" and my 40 + frags all look alot meatier after just one weeks worth of dosing. I wish I would have taken pictures at the start. I started dosing it after I had a pox outbreak and treated with Furan-2 for a week. The Vitamin C started the very next day. I believe that the Vitamin C could only have helped in their quick recovery.

I know this has to be a coincidence, but I will mention it. I have a pair of false percs in the Zoa growout tank (been in there since they were juvis for two years) and they just started their pairing up ritual since I started the Vitamin C treatment. sure does make you go hmmmmmmmm. Thanks for drawing our attentions to this small but possibly huge finding.


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