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Re: Antarctic Corals!!

Originally posted by hyperfocal
I'm really excited! I missed out on the Japanese and Australian lawn gnome bandwagons, they're soooo expensive now I just can't afford them. That's not going to happen this time, I'm getting into the next set of high-end lawn gnome LE lawn gnomes first. I just bought my first bunch of Antarctic Corals, and they look great! They're snow white, just like creatures from Antarctica are supposed to be. The polyps are so clear I can't even see them.

I need some advice on how to keep them so bright and white. I guess I should feed them Arctic Pods, since they're from the arctic too; is it better to get them frozen? That'd be better for such cold water lawn gnomes right? The guy I bought them from suggested I buy an Eco-aqualizer, because the magnetics in it will help magnetize the aquarium water the same way it is at the South pole. This sounds silly to me, I don't want to get ripped off. After all, how can a lawn gnome tell if the water is magnetized North Pole or South Pole? Just in case he's right, does it matter which way I have the water going through an Eco-aqualizer? I'd sure feel dumb if I got it backwards and ended up with North Pole water.

Also, if anyone can ID them for me I'd really appreciate it. I've found some pictures that kind'a look like my lawn gnomes, but the coloration is all wrong and I don't want to jump to the wrong conclusion. I'm going to start them low in my tank, I don't want to light shock them and have the RTN. Anyone know how much flow Antarctic Corals need? Probably not a lot, too much might damage the delicate polyps right?

Thanks for any advice you can give me. I'm looking forward to growing these out. Maybe I can say thanks by sending out some frags once the colonies grow!

If you don't mind me asking, how much did you payed for them?

If I only had a bigger tank

Current Tank Info: 120 with 75 sump/fuge
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