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Originally Posted by Bent View Post
I canít get it to upload for some reason. Iíll try the desktop when I get home.

See, I donít understand how some people can have numbers like that and no algae. When my po4 starts creeping over .08 the sand starts turning brown and I start getting turf algae. If I ran those numbers it would be a kelp forest in there. Lol.
Itís all about balance. If your Po4 climbs but your nitrates stay low, things get out of balance. Read up on Redfield ratio While there has been some debate as to itís merits, there is debating having balanced nutrients. Then there is system maturity. My system has been up for 20 years at this house. What most people who chase Po4 levels donít realize is that Po4 levels on many very healthy natural reefs are in excess of .10 ppm.

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