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These guys produce nests like clockwork - every 11 to 13 days, no matter what. Even moving their tank didn't impact their schedule. Last Friday they spawned the 13th time since I have them. All nests are large and neat with little to no bad eggs. If I would have raised them all I would be drowning in bicinctus by now... I think this pair alone could easily satisfy the demand for bicinctus in the US and beyond...

Pairs: 4 percula, 3 P. kauderni, 3 D. excisus, 1 ea of P. diacanthus, S. splendidus, C. altivelis O. rosenblatti, D. janssi, S. yasha & a Gramma loreto trio
3 P. diacanthus. 2 C. starcki

Current Tank Info: 200 gal 4 tank system (40x28x24 + 40B + 40B sump tank + 20g refugium) + 30x18x18 mixed reef + 20g East Pacific biotop + 20g FW +...
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