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Originally Posted by davidwillis View Post
looking more into the Schooling Bannerfish. This looks like an easy to take care of fish, but maybe it will get harassed by more aggressive fish.

How would this list work? Will the Schooling Bannerfish get harassed?

3 Schooling Bannerfish
Porcupine puffer, or other puffer
Auriga Butterflyfish
flame angel
Cherub angel
blue jaw trigger
8 neon damsels
2 clownfish

I really like the larger angels such as Regal Angel, Blue Face Angel, and emperor angel, however I want easy to take care of fish, and these seem a little delicate (especially the Regal), and the others will probably out grow my tank.
I can't comment on the damsels or cherub. It looks good though. You'll love the porky just make sure you can spot the difference in a holocanthus and hystrix. Hystrix get really big.

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