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Been having trouble catching the babies. I'm also in high mode with work right now so my copepods aren't where they need to be to raise babies.

But the male gets visible eggs that grow and then disappear every week.

Last week I caught them transferring eggs but didn't get pictures.

I am also just trying to keep up with the new seahorses. I didn't have any for a while but they spit some out Saturday.

Sterile is not better. Successfully bred: Banggai, Lined Seahorse, Saltwater Mollies, from egg dwarf cuttlefish, Opae Shrimp, Strombus snails, amphipods, copepods, rotifers.

Current Tank Info: 125 gal tank, 40 gal refugium - 30 gal grow out tank- 70 gallon erectus / pipefish tank
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