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Hi softhammer,
You are rite. Keep the main bumbling tourists that will trample the roof and use there asian sunzscreen x 3000 peps a day. You guys know better than that, the best coral diving will be where it protected. Big island City of refuge kona side/, wai opae,and Kapoho,under not only 40 feet of cooling lava but now the shoreline is 1.2 mi further out. MOLOKINI,KAUAII NORTH shore,oahu north shore, maui north shore etc. Kona is the bomb for diving. Hike 5 miles to the shore in volcanoes nat park,now $25 entry. Theres a beach you will probably have all by yourself, go up waipio valley, dive rite next to the river.

Kona now has 45 dive boats, I can remember it having 5 pluss the agressor. 15 yrs ago. 300 days of malia(calm) weather. 25 boats at nite for manta dives. A zoo of lites and peps and alot of Mantas. But still beautifull.

Dives 5-10 miles out in 10 k feet of water looking at the most incredible macro plankton, jellies etc.

Imaging filming a macro short nosed spearfish at nite 3 in long while teathered to a boat in the dark,
Or the same thing with ocenic black tips on oahu and a tiger. We have a tiger in kona harbor 13 ft
Eats the turtles that come out. Or the super cool reef in Puako. No soft corals but OMG. Better diving than Midway island.

Now the bad part,like the new virus in Florida, the 85 + deg water is killing the corals all the way to midway 1350 mi west of oahu. We need to help save them dudes and ladies. Lets be proactive like
GreatBarrier Reef. We have The largest marine reserve in the world. I know we can help save it. To start we have 2.6 mi of new lava shoreline that needs to be planted. Or wait 30 years and hope.

Nope lets all pitch in ,so the kekis (kids) have a great spot to enjoy in the future and we appreciate you visiting us on the Big Island. When u come Pm me lets dive
Nuf said

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