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Hi Sat

its a fork in the road type of approach. A lot of sumps seem to me too sterile and the systems themselves don't appear to try to replicate the processes we see in the ocean. What does an aquariest or in this case the OP really get out of having to dismantle their tank or leave it without fish if only to have the same problem return? For $50 you can imitate 4 stages of an intertidal zone with beach/rocks/sand shore/estuary and I also have a latent dark chamber which is easy cheap and great for breeding mysis. Its the 10% theory that adds up to water quality improvement and natural biology that pays back in the form of happy natural fish behaviour and less disease. Crypto and Ich are also helped along by lighting which at this point seems an unsolvable issue for us reefers. I am hoping that when the more compact auto roller filters hit the market the micron thickness may even be low enough to trap whitespot but then this low thickness may upset our gorgonians, clams and others- we will see. I purchased a rake thin purple tang 9 months ago on its last legs and got it straight onto mysis for protein in the DT. Would not have survived more than a few more days in QT, too skinny and weak. I'm not saying QT is bad either by the way but it does have its own drawbacks. Another concern is that fish stress in shallow tanks which could exacerbate these common diseases. My DT is 2.5 foot deep, but 3 foot would be even better ( and harder to work with) its all a compromise

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