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very interested in this info as im at the 2 month point of having my angler. he is happy and eating currently frozen silver sides. i keep researching anglers and keep reading about an issue that can arise later when keeping these guys. it is all related to nutrition and them stop eating...or stop moving ..and starving to death. i want to avoid this and am wondering if i should start just throwing a blue chromis in the tank for him to eat.
my concern is what if he doesnt show interest in the live food? i mean immediatly? should you just leave a live fish in there to entice and eventually the angler will come too? know he will make the chromis make a nighttime disapearence (eat 'em up). thanks again for your info and this thread! its great for us with anglers and dealing with the specific care issues and questions that arise with these strange and remarkably adapted creatures.


Current Tank Info: it has four sides and a bottom...oh yeah and it has water in it. lol
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