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Originally posted by Fishy1
Sorry It's always sad when they go.......I've had three and my friend has had two. They always seem to go around the two year mark. The one I have now is a juvenile painted and I'm going to try a different approach. My friend subscribes to the "Coral" magazine. I think that is the right name. It's the one that comes out every other month and is transcribed from German into English. Anyway there is an author/doctor who wrote an article about Frogfish in this months magazine. She said the reason they die in captivity is that they slowly starve to death even when eating thawed frozen food, ie. shrimp, silversides. They eventually will start breathing hard and stop eating altogether. It is critical at that time to get some "live" food into their diet. According to her, they are starving for "live" food! She has successfully kept frogfish alive for over three years feeding them guppies that are gut loaded with marine food and acclimated to low salinity saltwater. I'm going to get a copy of the article from my friend and try out what she says. Janey
Janey - did you find out what issue of Coral has the article that you refer to?

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