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I have a 55 gallon NPS tank which includes several colonies of dendros as well as many rhizos, tubastrea, balano, monomyces and other nps corals.
I agree about over feeding. Also, and I can’t say for certain that this may or may not be an issue, and I know many people do it, but I don’t use human food. Sometimes the pieces are too big, sometimes they may be bacteria carriers which could affect your system.
I feed mysis shrimp and Larry’s Reef Frenzy mixed with some frozen calanus to my system. The pieces are tiny. I don’t target feed, but as you have a dedicated small tank for this one Coral right now, you could consider using a pipette to keep the food near the coral.
Don’t ‘push’ the food into the mouth, just let the tentacles grab it.
Get a small Pederson’s shrimp or something to clean up extra food, too (bumblebee shrimp are good, too). Yes, it might try to steal food from the coral, but if the pieces are small enough, this won’t be an issue.
I feed my system 2 to 5 times a day, depending on what is happening and how much time I have.
And yes, they do have days they pout and may not extend tentacles.

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