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Large Reef Stocking Without Quarantine

Hello fellow large reef owners!

I am setting up a 350 gallon display, and am trying to figure out how to go about fish stocking without having a quarantine system. I really don't have the space for the large 40g (minimum) tank that a tang would require.

Do you just take the risk of introducing something deadly with every fish addition?

Do you give new additions a freshwater (or other type of) dip?

Do you rely on UV?

I have also read that many reefs HAVE ich, it does just not show itself unless fish are stressed. So, have you seen ich but rely on heavy feeding to keep everything healthy?

I know this is a ich/disease post, I am not trying to beat a dead horse . I am just trying to have the absolute minimum lost of life as possible, as well as not endure a heart (and wallet) wrenching fish loss down the line.

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