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Originally Posted by McPuff View Post
It would be great to have the ability to use NSW. I do believe that you see differences from artificial. How did you collect and transport it? Just filter it before using?
The local university here has a large marine research facility. They actually bring in the water from about a mile off shore in a pipe line. That feeds into a large rock/sand filters and then into a 25,000 dark storage tank. They have lines plumbed all around the campus to feed their projects. They also have a water spout that the public can have access to. I have a 250G water container that I would drive up there and fill up using a garden hose. About a 75 mile round trip to get 250 G of filtered NSW.

Most times, I'd do a 50% water change when I got home so didn't have to store much water. Fish and corals were fine even though there was a temp swing of 10 degrees or more.

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