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Man, sorry to hear about the crashed tank. Makes me wonder why I even bothered setting up a 180. A load of cash, time and effort, all for the inevitable... one day, it will die. From a tank crash or other means but for sure, it will come to an end. Maybe I should have saved the spent money for a yearly trip to the tropics. Hey, there's an idea, I hear the coral reefs can even successfully keep a Moorish Idol!!!!!

pickled radishes flourish in the clear moon light

Current Tank Info: 180g AG, OM4 way CL on Dart pump, BlueLine main, 50-60g sump, MT skimmer w/2 Sedra circulation pumps, 3x400w 12k Reeflux bulbs/CoralVue elec. ballasts in Luminarc III reflectors.
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