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Originally Posted by Mohreef View Post
I get what you are saying however parasites have evolved to survive .. so when we think our fish are ick free because their immune system is in good order (this may cause them to be able to produce a thicker slime coat for example) it may be that ick is still present in small numbers on maybe a few fish... in the gills etc... it could be they r just waiting for the right time to get the upper hand...this is just my thinking.
Scientific studies indicate that, in a closed system, without the introduction of new strains Cryptocaryon will lose its virulence and die out after a couple of generations (= reproduction cycles). My own observations align this.
Also, immune fish outright kill the parasites that try to feed on them and the parasites that manage to feed on a partially immune fish will not be as strong and virulent like the ones that feed on a fish without immunity or one with a compromised immune system. It is a war of attrition that the fish will win over time if you aid them by not introducing new Cryptocaryon strains (= don't add fish or anything wet that could have a Cryptocaryon on it) providing them decent water conditions, healthy food, and a stress free environment.

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