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Good luck with the build! Itís great to be able to plan a system before the house is built ó thatís what I did 16 years ago. There are things which are much simpler (and cheaper) to do as part of construction, rather than later. My 230 gal peninsula tank separates our primary eating area from our family room. Itís weight was included in the loads used when engineering our structure, the custom stand matches our kitchen cabinets, sufficient electrical outlets were located appropriately, etc. There was one additional thing we did that I would highly recommend: the plumber placed a washing machine connection box in the wall where it would be hidden inside the stand. It included cold water supply (which the RO/DI remained connected too), hot water supply (which I never used), and a drain (which was used for the RO/DI waste line and water changes). IMHO, thatís far better than having to rely upon a window and an outdoor sink.

Setting up 230g Miracles mixed reef peninsula, TampaBaySaltwater liverock package, Radion Gen3 pros, Vectra returns
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