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best way to substantially raise Mg

39g display tank, total system volume is probably about 45g with the sump/etc.

so, my LFS recently tested my Mg to be 1000ppm (Elos test kit), and as a result, my Ca has been hovering between 360-380ppm and my Alk has been about 8dkh (i've been testing both of those every day with Elos test kits). No idea how that number got that low. might be the salt (i buy pre-mixed water from the LFS).

to deal with this, i had about 250g (approximately) remaining of Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium (dry), and I proceeded to add the entire bottle over the course of 3 days. based on the math provided on the seachem bottle (i haven't tested to confirm yet), that really isn't going to have raised my magnesium as much as I would need.

i tried to add about 20ml of the liquid calcium component of my 2-part (brightwell reef code A) last night to see if i could get that calcium number any higher at all. i added it with a turkey baster right into the path of my vortech, and it seemed to precipitate out a lot of what i'm assuming is calcium carbonate.

so (again without testing), i'm taking this to mean that my Mg really isn't high enough to raise my Ca, and i need to do something to get that number up. here is the dilemma: i paid $10 for the bottle of Seachem Mg that didn't apparently raise my Mg enough to even add Ca without producing flurries of calcium carbonate.

so, i have a couple of options:

1) buy a larger quantity of a Mg supplement and continue to try and raise it manually (seems costly)

2) buy a bulk quantity of Mg from somewhere like bulk reef supply (somewhat expensive, plus i'd have to wait for shipping)

3) try to raise my Mg via several large water changes (sounds stressful to livestock)

Time is a factor -- i've got a couple pieces of SPS that are being troopers about my terrible water, but i don't know how much longer they are going to tolerate the instability.

thoughts? thanks!

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