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While not a reccomendation per se. For years I used the Sea Chem magnesium product alone to adjust new systems and maintain mag as it was the only thing available locally. (Come to think of it, I don't think BRS even existed back then (mid 1990s).)

Then I read somehwere that the seachem product really is mostly mag sulfate (not sure where I read that), so about three years ago I decided to just use epsom salts from the local supermarket becasue if that articel was correct, that's what I was always doing anyway. While, in theroy this practice will increas sulfate and decrease chloride concentrations and shift the system away from the normal SW "balance;" I have not seen any detrimental effects from using just the mag sulfate (heptahydrate I think) alone .

So, not to steel your thread, but does anyone know what the symptoms and/or effects of this (rather slight) imbalance in these two major ions would be?

Randy, I've seen your graphs, and agree the shift in concetrations will occur, but do you have any discussion(s) of what the actual efrfects of this shift will be in any of your many excellent documents? Or, any thoughts on this practice (using Mg sulfate alone)?

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