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Here's more detail about my system:

It's a 32 gallon mixed reef. Some mushrooms, zoas, a couple lps, but mostly SPS frags.

My latest parameters:
SG: 1.026
Alk: 8.5 (Hanna)
Cal: 425 (Red Sea)
Mg: 1340 (Red Sea)
Nitrate: 0 (Salifert)
Phosphate: 0.19 (Hanna)

Water changes: 4gallons weekly. I did not do one this past week thinking that if I switched to biweekly water changes, maybe my nitrates would climb a little.
Dosing: NoPox daily. Alk as described in the first post. Aquavitro Fuel 7ml - I've only dosed this twice but, I plan to dose 2x weekly. I would love to get Acropower but, it's expensive to ship it here.

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