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Originally Posted by JustAClownFish View Post
Hey, folks, I'm going to get my nano tomorrow and wanted to start looking into what type of fish I can have in a 30g nano and how many. I was thinking two black Ocellaries or two Maroons 2 peppermint shrimps, one goby (I'm not sure which one yet) and some mini brittle stars that can dwell in the substrate. Is that too much?
All good choices. Look into below. Starfish dont do well in new tanks. I would hold off on starfish until tank matures~ 2yrs

Pajama Cardinalfish
Coral Beauty Angelfish
Neon Goby
Coral or Crown Goby
Dartfish or Firefish Goby
Shrimp Goby
Royal Gramma
Blue Chromis

Originally Posted by Gogandantess

"I'm totally frustrated by this disease. My display has been fallow for 2 months now. If ich happened to mysteriously appear again, I'm giving up and going back to African Cichilds."
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