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Originally Posted by jasonssandiego View Post
I love the products but why should we kiss up to them. It has taken me 3 weeks to get a quote for a dream box and no response. Customers at this are waiting and they are busy at this time. Hire more help *** I'm done with Royal period. If u ask for money then act like it then. Scott I'm sorry just sick of it.
Sorry for your frustration. I can totally understand. They actually just hired three new people at the factory about 10 days ago. They been training them since then which is created a little bit of a backlog. Plus they had carnival that began last week and ended this Wednesday which is essentially a holiday there.

That said, PM me your last name. I'm assuming this was a quote that we were working up directly for you? I thought I saw a quote to you last week from Torsten in Germany. Maybe was for another Jason. I will be in front of my computer in an hour and a half or so & I will doublecheck but in the meantime PM me your last name so I can see if that coupling to you.

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