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The Royal Grammas are settling into QT. Acclimating seven fish at once is challenging! Hopefully, they can get through quarantine without much stress. I'm feeding them well. They seem to be doing OK. Tonight I noticed one of the mollies in QT scratching. I immediately initiated lowering salinity. I'll get it down to hypo levels over the next day or two. We'll see how it goes, and I'll decide if additional measures are needed.

Today I drip acclimated around forty or so mini strombus snails, and added them to the display. I hope they like diatoms! The two mollies I have in there have already made a dent in them. Now it's time to diversify!

It looks like I have to wait another week on the manatee grass. That will actually work out well, as it's been pretty cold around here lately, and it's supposed to warm up next week. Can't wait!

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