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WOW is all I can say. Those are very nice!!! Any chance we can or I can get the details on them? Just they operate? Are those media reactors in it fed off the pump? What does the remote do?

This is a new dream box design that incorperates the closed loop pumps into the sump. The media reactors are fed off the return pump which in this case is an RD3 230 watt pump. This new sump has a seperate pair of RD3 230's that are inside the sump which are for 2 seperate closed loops for the display. Those RD3 230's can be substituted for other RD3 pumps as well for those that don't need that much power for their closed loop. The inlets and outlets for those closed loop pumps are the larger red pipes sticking out of the top of the sump. That can be cut to length and can include metric or imperial unions on the top of the sump for easy adaptation to an existing system. Typically people like myself who run closed loops have to allow for space below the tank or in their fish room for the separate external closed loop pumps. This keeps everything within the sump minimizing the space required for a more complex system.

The remote is to control the in sump LED lighting and allows you to change the color and brightness of the lighting inside the sump and also set it to stay as one color or rotate colors automatically. There are all kinds of different options for how the colors change or transition. The LED lights are RGB and allow for dozens of different color schemes too including white, blue, red, green, orange, pink etc as well as variations of those colors. All of which are controlled via the hand held remote. The LED sump lighting is a standard option for all dream boxes.

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