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Hey Scott,
Yea it is going to need more then one step. These are deeper then the pictures can show. They will have to be sanded with a wet/dry 800 to remove the scratch and then work finer up to 2000 grit to remove the heavier sanding scratches, then buffed to a shine with a liquid compound to restore the shine. I have never worked with ABS before, only paint so I know the process but not sure what the best grits would be to use. At this time, from the look of the pallet (see first pic) I do not think they got down to the sump so hopefully it is unharmed. If you look at the left hand side of the pic, you can see the water top off box just under the plastic. I know that did not leave Germany unboxed. He cut it completely out of the box. If I sent this to the Florida facility, can they fix it?

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