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I have had poor results with the levamisole treatements also (poor results == lost acros). Not sure why, I have a heater and fan set up on a temp controller, 2 powerheads on a wavemaker, a remora HOB skimmer with carbon and purigen in the output and an eco canister filter filled with carbon. The last 2 were added at 1 day intervals after the initial treatement, adding carbon, then purigen bags then the canister filter, giving each one a day to see the affect. The water is not so cloudy, but it is still far from optimal, and we are still loosing corals. All corals were shaken in the treatment tank then rinsed in tank water (any with pourous plugs or base rock were soaked for 5 - 10 mins in fresh tank water) then they were all placed into the second, clean, freshly filled, treatment tank. They were no closer than they occassionally got in our prop tank, so I am doubtful of the proximity to each other being the issue.

We are extremely reluctant to do the second levi treatment for fear of losing even more corals, but I will say that the first treatment tank had thousands of dead and/or dieing AEFWs of all sizes on the bottom of it when we were finished. *shudder*

- Tom

Current Tank Info: 380 starfire inwall ,two 150g sump/fuge. Volcano Ca RX, ato, 6' Volcano skimmer. LAIIIs w/400w AquaConnect 14K on IC EBallasts
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