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The stand is just about finished. I added angle iron bracing along the front and back headers and 3 more columns to carry the weigh down. I sealed the inside with caulk and Killz white paint. I cut the skin flush with the top platform and then added back a 3/4" high poplar crown along with the wrap around molding top and bottom. Some more sanding and it's ready for the outside finish. Still undecided. I also fit the badass Bashsea sump inside just to see it. Next up is the apex mount on the side door and wire management. This week the tank will go back on and plumbing will start. I think I will run 2 pumps. one to each lock-line with one pump also supplying the manifold. Debating a matching Varios6 or upgrading to an 8 or possibly a Neptune COR 20 as the second pump.

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