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Originally Posted by aninjaatemyshoe View Post
This is actually my experience. Perhaps, you're using a better peristaltic pump than I did though. It was definitely more of an issue with Shellfish diet.

So you don't need to clean the peristaltic tubing frequently?

In any case, I've found syringe pumps to be easier to deal with and control in terms of precise dosing amounts, especially when dealing with smaller dosing amounts. If you're dosing a good amount of RF or SD, then perhaps a good peristaltic pump would be better.
The tubing dia. is crucial in this respect. I suspect your using a large dia, like maybe 1/8? or 1/4"? We use really fine stuff.

We rarely need to clean them but then again I bet we feed a LOT more then you do. We're growing massive amounts of rotifers.

I need to double check my memory with one of our scientists on the alginate question. I seem to remember the amount of it in a 6oz bottle is less then could fit on a pinhead. It doesn't take much to achieve what we need.

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