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Great looking tank and anemone's. I just purchased a Mag from a LFS. The one I got was hosting a harem of clowns, had like 10 in it at once. When he removed the nem, he had to remove 3 or 4 clownfish from it. He had to do this out of the water. I would have thought the clownfish would just have fallen out. Was really fun to watch.

Question for you. My mag went through successful treatment of cipro last week. It is not sticky at all. Are Mags not sticky like other carpets? I had a haddoni that was very sticky. Any reason for concern?

210 gallon, 75 gal sump/refugium, 3 Tunze 6105 on 7096 controller, AT I Sunpower 8 bulb T5 lighting, Apex controller. 40 gal breeder/20 gal sump frag tank
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