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Originally posted by Rovert
You'd think it would be really hard to not get salt mixed to the proper SG for a reef tank, but people screw it up all the time. Never understimate the stupidity of mankind.

That said, I can definitely see the attraction of a 2 part system. The cost of entry is only a couple hundred bucks at most, but I'm still on the fence.

What I find a bit worrysome is that you don't seem to indicate any benefits of a reactor over the dosing system. That's inconsistent with my experience of finding pros and cons for either of two differing methods. While you've listed the pros of dosing vs the cons of a reactor, I haven't seen any of the inverse - the cons of the 2 part solution and the pros of a reactor.

Given you considered a reactor yourself, it must have some benefits or you wouldn't have entertained that option. Can you talk about what caused you to entertain the thought of a reactor in the first place?
Well, the "idiot" who screws up mixing 2-part would probably nuke his whole tank with a reactor and kill his dog in the process. =D

I went to a reactor in the first place because I was dosing 2-part manually at the time, and it was quite a pain. Plus, all of the "big name" reefers were using reactors at the time, so it seemed like the right thing to invest in. Furthermore, I wanted the "wow factor": a bunch of nifty gizmos working in unison.. injecting co2... (I'm a bit of a gearhead).

Two reactors later, I really don't see any benefit in running a reactor, unless you're running a very large calcium/alk-demanding tank. I have a single peristaltic pump that runs a dual dripset; very efficient and easy to use. I wouldn't worry about the peristaltic malfunctioning and somehow putting more ca/alk into your tank either; it's used for IV dripping in hospitals.. malfunctioning in many cases would = death for a patient

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