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I never had a problem with 2 part.I used 1 litre bottle of alk per week and the ca bottle(same size) would last me over a week and a half if not closer to two weeks.I was also dosing kalk for ph.I bought a kalk reactor and set it up via my tunze osmolator.It overdosed my tank while I was on vacation and everything pretty much died.I could have saved more stuff if I had given it to my friend.I will use a reef doser style pump next time so that nothing gets syphoned out along with a ph controller.I think this is a safer way to go.The tunze overdosed and then stopped working.My next tank they will be hooked up seperately so that nothing can go wrong.Plus I won't add to much kalk to the reactor just in case.This was my stupid mistake I should have set up differantly.My next tank is 300 gal and I will keep only sps clams and some lps.I will test everything before any corals are added.The reef doser worked flawlessly you do have to push a button to restart the unit if the power goes off so If there is a power failure and you are on vacation someone has to watch the tank for you

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