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GHL Profilux Guarantee? does it exist?

Im using GHL devices since profilux 2 release and never had problem for years but now after few months of using Profilux 4(P4) it just stopped working. I send it to Germany and I heard: ,, Mainboard defective due to overload, probably due to overload of the light bar outputs”
So I asked few questions and didn’t get any reply only: ,,its not guarantee case”.
They didn’t want to reply how its is possible that all cables I had connected to P4 are now connected to old P3 without any over load. They just assuming I somehow made overload on L ports…
So I started my research and few years ago there was 3 dealers of GHL in my town, now only one left I spoke to those dealers and they said that had huge problems with guarantee and it was main reason to stop selling GHL devices.
Did anyone had same problems?

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