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Hi Piper27!
We have big community at Aquaforest Group

I will paste some examples photos of Aquaforest users:

Here is reef tank fully based on Aquaforest products from 1,5 year:


About me: I think that way to have pastels colors is keeping nutrients low and feed corals via supplements/foods and micro.
I know that someone has nice coloration under led light but to have really nice, colorful, pastels corals... everyone has T5 light.
I recommend to use zeolites (Zeo Mix) to absorb ammonia and NO2 to not let NO3 rise.
Use Phosphate Minus to adsorb PO4
Make water changes with good salt: I am using Probiotic Reef Salt from 4 years - to reduce NO3 and PO4 and feed corals good foods nd supplements - I always recommend pack: AF Amino Mix, AF Build, AF Energy, AF Vitality, AF Power Food.

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