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Originally Posted by Piper27 View Post
Thanks for chipping in on the thread Debora, those are some good examples of tanks that have that look. I have noticed t5 light is the best light for that look too.
Do you think having a high bio load even with "0 nutrients" makes it harder to achieve this look? I am wondering if I should give up on any copper sulphate additives in the future since I never got any change with the energy. Even at a higher dose.
I had time in my tank when I overdosed AF Energy. But I overdosed amino,vitamis also I saw brighter colors but in that time I feed more fish and corals.
It's important to find balance between 0 nutrients and feed.

Yep - for acropora coloration in my opnion there is no better light than T5.

Did you test on ICP your water?
How much amino are you dosing?
Are you using Zeo Mix?

Maybe I could help with dosing schedule.

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