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Sorry I lost track of this post. I have had 0 readings on both po4 and nitrate for a while now. I can get a few corals to lighten up but I think the amount of food I am feeding may be to blame for the colors on most corals staying deep. I like it like this though I am wondering how others are getting their pastel look. I am dosing more than the recommended amount of energy and don't want to overdo it or have things turn suddenly. What people are dosing to get a certain look and such would be helpful and informative since everything is suggested to be used at a set standard always.
The tanks pictured are nice but some seem like they were made just for the picture to be taken. Are their threads for each tank anywhere? No updates on these tanks that are used for showing off the product doesn't help us much. This would also be helpful. It seems not a lot of people are using AF to get the zeo look so any info on the tanks pictured or tanks not pictured would be nice.
I am very happy with my tank so far I just wish we had more information sharing going on with AF tanks.

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