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The easiest way to integrate one of these pumps into your current setup is to measure your current target effluent rate, set the pump to that flow rate, and turn the pump on. Make sure you have the right tubing set in the control panel

Once the reactor is back up and running adjust the regulator such that it reaches your target ph value without use of the controller. If you are using a standard regulator adjust it so that the solenoid always remains open. If you are using an AP electronic regulator tune it so it holds the target ph without the controller cutting power to the regulator. You will then set your controller with a reasonable safety net just in case something goes wrong. If you are looking for a place to start, 6.5ph is a good target and shut off the gas at 6.3ph for ARM Standard.

Remember, you want the regulator always running. It might take a day or so for the regulator to heat up so make sure you check it in 24 hours and re adjust gauge psi if necessary. Without a two stage regulator the pressure will change as the bottle empties so you will have to check the regulator pressure occasionally and correct it. This is where the 15psi harris two stage regulator comes in.. It will hold the same psi through the entire bottle up until the last bit of gas comes out. With a 2 stage regulator body the AP Carbon Doser add-on with the counter is actually useful and will tell you within reason how long you have until the bottle is empty.

Once you have it set make sure to test often and tweak the settings to get the system stable. Use two part to adjust the levels where you want them. As the tank matures you will need to add more gas and effluent to compensate for demand increases but you won't be fiddling with any artificial fluctuations.

Make sure to set the "Auto Start" feature if you want it to restart after a power outage. I copied this from the Cole-Parmer manual.
Automatic Start Enable/Disable (INTernal mode only)
Press and hold STOP/START on power-up. After five (5) seconds, display will change to all dashes. Then, while
holding STOP/START, press PRIME five (5) times. Display will flash "ON" or "OFF". Use UP/DOWN (▲, ▼) arrow
keys to set automatic start option. Press any other key to exit. When "ON" is selected, pump will start automatically
at power-up if it was "ON" when powered down.

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