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Originally Posted by droog View Post
This thread is very old - I return to it from time to time because the idea of setting up an NPS system appeals to me but there is very little traffic here. I hope the members in this forum are subscribed for update notifications!

I'm wondering if the following could work:
  1. Freeze "large" cubes of ReefNutrition foods (possibly mixed with ASW)
  2. Replace the dosing pump in the picture above with a funnel attached by tubing to the the venturi to "suck up" the food the cube slowly dissolves
  3. Size the food cubes (say) 2x2x2" so that the melt takes close to 24 hrs to complete and add one frozen cube per day to the fridge

I'm thinking of ReefNutrition liquids because they have additives in there that keep the food in suspension. That would be needed to ensure an even distribution of food in the frozen cube.

I just dreamed this up while reading the thread. No idea if it could work.

The venturi would constantly be sucking air your tank would turn into a skimmer. In my experience the dosing pump method clogs frequently. I incorprated an auto rinse feature but even then ill only use it for phyto. Not sure how others have had success with it.. im currently working on a drip vessel above tank to simply fill with water and food cubes once a day and have it drip into tank. The problem lies in controling the drip rate as a nearly closed valve on the drain line would clog very easily. My theoretical solution is to make the vessel air tight and use a needle valve on the lid to slowly allow air into the vessel to slowly break the siphon.

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