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Hi Guys

First of all let me say after reading this whole thread I feel like I know you all

I have a 24g aquapod I am starting my reefing experience with, put in part one of the shipment on Thursday.

All is going well except a slight problem keeping my ammonia under 1.0

P.H is 7.8
Ammonia is 1.0
Nitrite/Nitrate are 0

Checking my water twice daily and ammonia is always slightly over 1. I am doing 25% water changes each time to bring it down. Anything else I should be doing?

I have a 125g fish only with live rock I have had for over 7 years so its been a long time since I started a tank from scratch. I dont recall having this problem but then again the rock had nowhere near this much life on it.

P.S I know you guys really love pics and I did take a few of part 1, I will post them with pictures of part 2 hopefully in a week or so

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