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One thing that confuses me here is the whole "pay it forward" concept (DBTC) as I understand it means I really shouldn't have to buy anything. Somebody gives me something free and in return (if it grows) I give away atleast 3 frags of that colony to somebody else. Now at some point somebody has to start these chains and I would suspect that it would happen from somebody bringing something in from outside our group and eventually giving just 1 piece away to somebody to start that chain.

Do I have that right? If I'm wrong, please tell me.

If that's the case then I already have corals that were given to me free that I'm more than willing to pass on and start an official chain to anybody that I know buys in. Honestly there have been some of us doing this "underground" already which is why I have several nice "free" started colonies in my tank.

And Rick...the reason I suggest the google tool is I seriously doubt that ANYBODY on the BOD is going to want to take the responsibility of download/updating/'s just too much. I would think leaving a password protected spreadsheet that somebody on the BOD monitors would be easier but that's just the data-geek in me talking.

I also have a nice purple bonsai that in another 6 months or so might be ready to frag that I'd give 1 piece out to start a chain.

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