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Originally Posted by PerezAF01 View Post
Fizz - Its funny you mentioned the fact that a bod member would not want to take the time to upload files because thats exactly what I intended to do. A sample spreadsheet can already be found at I dont mind taking this responsibility. It may be alot of work at first but it should become a whole lot easier once its rolling.
I just want to make sure you understand that my comment was in NO WAY a dig at the a former BOD member I know the pressures and the time it consumes. What I was getting at is that I personally think that if this takes off the constant downloading, updating and uploading and still being able to present it to the members and monitor who is doing their part and who isn't will be much more of an effort than one person should really be expected to handle. I'm glad you're willing to do this...very glad actually...I just hope you don't regret it in a few months! Picking the right tool is crucial.

I looked at your spread sheet and it's a good start, but just one question...does the person at the top have to give out 3 to start the chain? I have a bright yellow/green arco that is finally ready to frag but I don't think I could get 3 from it yet since it's actually in my DT, not a grow-out tank. I'd be willing to give one away at the swap, but I don't think I'll have 3.

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