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Originally Posted by m0jjen View Post
Unfortinatly it wont make much of a difference. When opening the wedge i get this:

10" deep
1/2 open

Any suggestions?
You are closing the wedge pipe to raise the level inside the skimmer. You may need to close it more. Still, you also need to give it time to settle in after making those adjustments. Without enough dissolved organics in the system, the skimmer will not be able to build good foam. Instead it just makes bubbles that burst at the surface instead of thicker foam. I would give it a day. You can try closing the wedge pipe a bit more or increasing the sump depth or increasing the wattage. It would also be worth taking the pump apart and doing a deep cleaning on it. Make sure there isn't any salt build up in the nozzles venturi port where the hose connects to the pump. Make sure the ozone port on the skimmer pump is capped off as well so it's not sucking water in through the 2nd venturi port (ozone port). Either way, your definitely lacking on dissolved organics.

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