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Originally Posted by broadwave View Post
So I've had my Double Cone 200 on my 190 gallon display reef (225 gal total volume) running for about a week... and it's produced some really gross smelling skimmate even running wide open at at 50 watts.

After reading this thread, I'm now running at 30 Watts, 1/2 closed and in 8" of water. bubbles breaking right at bottom of skimmer cup connection.

Will let it run over the weekend and post results at some point next week after the new setting has run a few days.

For fish, I have the following...

Large Blond Naso
(2) large purple tangs ... yes they get along.
(4) 3 stripe damsels
(4) Fiji Blue devils
Fairy Wrasse
(2) true Percula clowns
Flame Angel
Aptaisia File Fish
30w is better. 50w reduces contact time substantially and creates more turbulence. Contact time is important as it will result in more dense foam and better skimming efficiency. We don’t even run 50w in the 250 sized skimmers. Your load is relatively light for that skimmer so the skimmate output will likely taper off a bit once the skimmer catches up at which point you will likely want to raise the level inside the skimmer a tad to wetten the skim up for better consistency. Raising the sump depth to 8.5” will help with tuning from wet to dry so you don’t have to close the wedge pipe to much. It will also be less sensitive to wedge pipe adjustments with the sump depth a bit higher. Especially at your lighter load. Having it less sensitive will make it eaier to do subtle adjustments via the wedge.

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