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Originally Posted by rvitko View Post
How wide is that pane under the overflow? If that is about 6" wide I would use 6150's and mount them to that pane aiming straight across and it should work very well, if it is only about 4" or less I would use 6105s.
The horizontal pane is about 5". The vertical pane is about 7". Its coast to coast on the end.

Can the 6150 magnets go in the overflow and be wet?

300g custom acrylic from James 72x36x27, 4 Mitras Lx7, 2 Stream 3s, C2C beananimal low profile overflow. 100g sump, Vectra M1 -> 114w aquauv -> SRO 5000ext w/ VarioS-6S. -> Vectra L1 return.

Current Tank Info: 300g deep dimension mixed reef
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