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i not sure if i get your question. but what i understand is you want to know how to fill ATO bin and Saltwater bin using this system.

here is what i do.
i have 2 x 55 gal barrels, 1 for rodi and 2nd for saltmix
1st barrel also is my ATO, when my saltmix barrel is near out i move whatever water is in the 1st bin and let ROCV come on and make fresh water.
here i have 2 choices, 1 either i can let is make whole 55 gal and shut off and then i can move some of the water from there to saltmix bin or 2nd choice is which i do, i keep an eye on the 1st bin and keep moving water over to 2nd as its being made freshly and thus my 2nd bin is full while 1st is still being filled and then it shuts off on its own due to ROCV sensors.

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