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Hey there. I've got Renew and Storm, but haven't set up yet since my build got majorly sidetracked. (almost done fixing the crappy mfg job Coast to Coast did and ready to move tank to its stand.....) I did, though, set up the fresh water supply system and the saltwater mixing system, and will try to describe here (after 1 a.m. ........) my setup is similar to bnumair's, but a little more robust.

I, too, have SP UHE systm (albeit 200 gpd). (ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and highly recommend it!!!) The SP feeds into a pair of 55-gallon Brut containers that are linked together, so I will have about 100 gallons of fresh when RO system shuts off.

As noted above, the UHE system uses a pair of float switches, one low and one high, to control the system. When supply of water gets low, the low switch will cause the system to turn on; when the Brutes are filled, the high switch causes it to turn off. The UHE system is set up with a constant-on supply of water, tapped into side of fresh water supply to my utility sink. So when the system turns on, a solenoid valve opens to permit water supply to the RO system, and the booster pump kicks on; vice versa when it turns off. (If you toggle electrical power to the sytem -- mine is plugged into an outlet with a switch, so easy enough to throw switch back and forth -- it will kick on even if the system has not been drained to the low level switch yet, so it's easy to keep a large supply of fresh water with just a quick off/on of the switch when I go into the fish room.)

So now the question is what I do with the fresh water. I run a conduit along the floor from the bottom of the two brutes over to my saltwater mixing station, and I Tee off at the end of the conduit. One branch from the tee leads to pump controlled by the storm, to pump fresh water into the system, and the other branch from the tee leads to a pump I use to supply fresh water into the saltwater mixing station. So with this arrangement, I don't even need the ROCv; toggling power to the RO system will kick it on easily enough (and float switch will shut it off), or the low switch on the RO system will kick it on if for some reason I don't go into the fish room for a few days to do so.

Re the mixing station, I have two 55-gallon drums here, too! This way, one is "live" and being used to supply saltwater to the Renew system, while the other one is on standby with saltwater being brewed. The pump I mention above to fill with fresh water is between the two drums, and there is a two-way valve I use to control where the fresh water is ported. Additionally, I set up a "circuit" of valves and pumps between the bins. One pump receives water from bottom of bins and pumps it back into the top, to circulate water through bin to keep saltwater getting brewed stirred well, the other pump receives water from bottom of bins and is used to pump water up to the Renew metering bucket. Overflow from metering bucket comes back down to bin, but is ported to the "live" or "online" bin (instead of the brewing bin) via another two-way valve. By throwing four different valve levers, I will cause saltwater to circulate out of bottom and back into top of one bin, while saltwater will flow out of bottom and be delivered to pump to Renew metering bucket from the other bin (and overflow will go back to that bin); reversing the four levers will reverse the roles of the two bins.

As I write this, I realize it's probably pretty hard to follow. So I will definitely take and post some pix when I get home from in-laws! I think it's actually a pretty clever setup!

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