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Third Batch

Well, after what I would consider a failure on the second batch, I really enjoyed the thought of something dissolving to leave it porous. My goal was to try to make the closest thing to real rock as I could. So, I sat down with a pencil and paper and began brainstorming. After a few days, I came up with something very simple that was in my face and my tank the whole time. Salt! Rock salt to be precise. It is the perfect size and readily and quickly dissolves in water. Now, would enough water soak through a dried rock to dissolve it on the inside? Would it dissolve too quickly when I mix water in the rock mixture? Was rock salt toxic to a marine tank? If so, how toxic? A little research yielded that a little rock salt in the home aquarium is perfectly safe. Well, the chemical questions are out of the way, but what about the physical ones? Only one way to find out. Just do it. So, I did. And I came out with the ultimate rock! Extremely light and porous. With 4 parts Rock Salt and 1 part Portland Cement Type One, it is a nice playdough like mixture.

Pros: Extremely light. Extremely porous. Quite smooth. Rather easy to shape.
Cons: A little more fragile. Residule salt is left inside the rock.

Cost Break Down
5lbs of Rock Salt - $2
90lbs of Portland Cement Type One - $10
Total: $0.51/lb

Here is the Ultimate Rock!!! These are picture of part of a rock I broke in half.

The Outside of the Rock

The Inside of the Rock

The Rock to Show Size of Pores

....To Be Continued....

Travis Stevens

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