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A little help please?!

I have been using API test kits for some time. I tried RED SEA and they ran out. That said. I just bought salifert mag,calc,and Alk.
I noticed my tank not doing so well. I have been using Kalkwasser for over a year. Honestly,I let magnesium go a bit. So, figuring it was my magnesium causing the problem,I ordered mag Chloride and sulfate. I made the mixture which is settling right now. I did my tests. Salifert says my mag is too low to register with one ML. Calcium is around 275ppm, and Alk was around 6.5Dkh.
Am I right to assume it's purely a magnesium issue? If I can get my mag up? The rest will rise to normal as it will not be able to precipitate? Should I increase my ML of kalk per day or dose 2 part Alk and Calc. To bump up those levels until the kalk and mag can maintain?
Thanks y'all!

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