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Originally Posted by vikinglord13 View Post
So many triggers in one tank!
I will only have 1 trigger, but it will not go into display. Right now, it's in the QT for about 4 more weeks. It's doing really well and the colors are SO much brighter than when I got the fish a couple weeks ago. As expected he eats like a little pig. :0)


It's been fun to try and document the growth and pattern change of the annularis. Here is the most recent shot of the big guy. He's about 6" now and overall quite large and piggy. Once December hits, I'll try to create a post showing the entire progression for the year.


The tangs are all doing really well and super fat. They get along pretty well after some initial hiccups in the first few months with the chocolate. That fish in particular is simply beautiful.


The tank itself is doing pretty well. The algae growth has decreased substantially due to the chaeto reactor and GFO reactor. The trick is to simply stay on top of maintenance! :0)


And because I like to view the tank from the side at times, I wanted to include this shot. Different perspective is incredible sometimes... like looking into a different tank.


Still need to finish the canopy but that's a winter activity. Same for the stand "shell."

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