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Well, if these numbers are correct and both pumps produce same output power (i.e. head pressure, water flow) then Iwaki pump should produce 160W-50W = 100W of heat. Assuming 100% efficiency of Jebao pump.

Such pump would glow in the dark. Or produce really warm water.

If order to verify all these claims, one needs to carefully measure flow rate and water pressure in order to calculate pump output power.

In reality, both brushless DC motors and AC motors has very close efficiency. BLDC - about 90% and AC about 88%.

What could explain the situation is that Iwaki is overkill for a given situation. For example, it may produce 100 GPM of water with 10 psi of pressure (approximately, 23 ft of head). And DC pump has 100 GPM with 4.5 psi (10 ft). Different output power.
If your head pressure is only 10ft, then Iwaki shoots water out with extra 10ft of head (neglecting friction losses). If you don't need that extra power, then BLDC pump is sufficient and Iwaki is overkill.

However, it has nothing to do with pump efficiency. It just show miscalculated pump power

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