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Thinking about upgrading my LED Lighting

I currently run a pair of Ocean Revive lights over a 4 foot 75 gallon Mixed reef. I have them customized so that they do the sunrise sunset dimming as low as possible and shut off with a relay. They are going on 5 years old and I think I want to get something a little nicer but not top of the line. My favorite lights are the Ecotech Radions but they are double my budget of about $800.

I am 100% positive that using the BRS T5 retrofit kit ( with my pre-existing OR lights will yield great results. But some of the things I dont like about my OR lights though all purely cosmetic.

- I have them on a homemade dimmer and they dont dim to off. I have to use relays to turn them off
- I hate the blunt transition from blues to whites on and off.
-I dont have individual color channel control
- Non cosmetic I would have to fab a light hood to fit the OR's and T5's which may be a pain.

Doing some more reading around I found the noopsyche k7 lights, I would probably do 4. With the controller and brackets thats in the $800 range. Looks like they do individual channel control and Sunrise/Sunset. The controller looks like it sucks though. I am also seeing some mixed reviews on quality and support.

I found another light that I think I may be sold on, but not so many reviews. My favorite lights in the hobby are the Radions and Rapid LED has some G3 clones that look very nice! The Rapid LED Corona. The app looks very easy to use and they have individual channel control. A pair would be in the $800 range and I could still add some T5's later down the road.

Anyone have any input?

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