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Originally Posted by tenurepro View Post
Thanks Man!
Cuc: a bunch of blue legged hermit crab, 1 emerald crab, 1 cleaner shrimp, a few nassarius and cerith snails. 12 plus black footed trochus snails. 3 Mexican turbos. Two blue tuxedo urchins - these are great by the way. A strawberry conch. I also recently added a small yellow tang and he spends a lot of time pecking at rocks.

Yes that is the same species of wrasse as Practical Reef! Itís a yellow coris wrasse, aka canary wrasse. Unlike the common name suggests, itís is not in the coris genus but actually in the same genus as the Melanrus - genus Helicores I believe

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Oh ok. Seems like you have a good CUC. Only reason I asked, I myself was battling algae. After buying some CUC itís helped a lot. Currently just trying to get most of the bubble algae gone now.

That canary wrasse is nice! Iíve been thinking about adding a couple more fish to the system. Just not entirely sure yet. Need some ďworkerĒ fish that would help out, and not just take up space

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